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This pattern is for a Flamingo....closely resembling the one in the picture below. Available in 3 different sizes......Large, Medium and Small or as a 3 Pattern set. This is a Pattern only, no instructions on how to make PVC Pipe Birds. If you don't already know the process consider buying my Instruction & Pattern Set also. The Large is approx. 56".....The Medium is approx. 42 1/2".....and the Small is approx. 30" in length before bending and shaping.

  • Large is made from 4" sch 40 pvc pipe
  • Medium is made from 3" or 4" sch 40 pvc pipe
  • Small is made from 2" or 3" sch 40 pvc pipe

    The height will be determined by the bends you actually make to form the bird's shape.

    Have a question ? Just email to

    pvcyardbirds@gmail (dot) com

    By this material being easy to copy either in print, download, or on CD......there is a no refund policy!

    Large Flamingo Instant Download
    only $7.50

    Medium Flamingo Instant Download
    only $7.50

    Small Flamingo Instant Download
    only $7.50

    3 Pattern Set of Flamingos Instant Download
    only $15.00