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" Now You Can Make Your Very Own PVC Birds "

So....Just What Is A PVC Bird ?

They are Beautiful Birds that can be crafted from a single piece of PVC pipe.

  • With my directions and patterns, you will learn how to make birds using pvc pipe to beautify your surroundings such as, ducks, egrets, flamingos, herons, ibis, parrots and pelicans. Plus whimisical looking birds. Additional new patterns will be coming soon !

  • Use them in your yard, garden, around a pool, on your porch, on a dock or pier or even inside your house if you wish.

  • They can also be a way to make some extra income.

  • Make some and give them out for gifts to family and friends.

  • There's nothing like a gift that has been made from the heart to put a smile on someone's face.

  • Best of all.....they can be made as simply or extravagant as you choose and they make beautiful yard art.

  • In just a short time you could be making your own patterns and designs.

  • Each step can be done at your own pace, no rushing just because you have finished one of the steps.....just relax and enjoy what you are creating.

  • Below is a picture of one of the Birds......yours can be the same or look entirely different. You decide on how you want your Project to look.

  • Below is a Basic Outline of what to expect when crafting these beautiful birds, all instructions are included in your purchase.


    8 mb of pictures and text...75 pgs in all.


    Materials and Tools you will need


    How to make a pipe holding jig


    Pattern Assembly


    Crafting a PVC Bird

  • How to cut the pipe
  • How to place reference marks on pipe
  • How to trace pattern on pipe
  • How to heat the pipe
  • How to bend the pipe
  • How to cool the pipe
  • How to sand the pipe
  • How to paint the pipe
  • 6.

    Stands & Mounts for Projects


    Patterns - to make pvc birds

  • All patterns are for 3" & 4" pvc pipe
    There are 6 patterns in this group which has Egret,Great Heron, Pelicans, Duck and Whacky Bird
  • Plus 3 additional bird patterns that the parts can be interchanged to make numerous different Birds.

  • 8.

    Delivery Methods

  • 1 - Instant download
  • 2 - Cd by mail.....US customers only !
  • 3 - Everything printed by mail.....
        US customers only !

  • Have a question ? Just email to

    pvcyardbirds@gmail (dot) com



    More PVC Pipe Birds -

    This is an Extra Pattern